Tipsy Tuesday (#33)

Did you ever see the movie Psycho? It made me scared to take showers for the longest time. If the Psycho heebie jeebies leave you only able to take baths, you can still put that shower curtain to good use.

Tip #33

Use an old shower curtain as a handy household helper.

Avoid bathroom puddles
- throw an old curtain on the bathroom floor before giving the dog a bath and keep puddles from forming on the floor.

Protect the kitchen table
- cover up that nice kitchen table with a curtain before arts and crafts and cut down on play-doh and paint messes.

Catch paint
- next time you are painting a wall, stick a curtain on the floor as a dropcloth for those wayward paint drops.

Shield the entryway
- lay one down to catch drips and mud when a bunch of wet or snowy boots are coming in.

Stay dry at a picnic
- use as a ground cloth under your blanket if the ground is the least bit damp to prevent water from seeping through.

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