Tipsy Tuesday (#28)

School is back in session here this week and if it isn't already for your kiddos, it will be soon. Tip #28 Don't forget these essentials for healthy kids when stocking up on school supplies.

  • Aluminum Water Bottle - Purchase a cool aluminum bottle to encourage your child to swap sugary drinks for water.

  • Pedometer - Your kids will walk more when they know this nifty gadget is tracking their steps.

  • Bento lunchbox - These Japanese inspired lunchboxes with compartments make it easier to pack veggies, fruits, and other nutritious lunch options.

  • Backpack on wheels - Studies say that kids shouldn't carry more than 15% of their body weight, so when the load gets heavy, look to a backpack with wheels and spare those little backs.

  • Hand sanitizer - Don't send your kids out of the house without a small bottle of sanitizer and a little lesson about when to use it.

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