Tipsy Tuesday (#25)

So, recently we had a little laundry episode at our house--I won't say who (but it wasn't me!)--but someone left an entire pack of gum in their pocket and it got washed. (No, I don't check pockets before washing--it was in the contract!) I first noticed something was up when I pulled the laundry out of the washer to move it to the dryer and noticed that it was less Cotton Breeze scent and more minty fresh. FYI--even a Magic Eraser won't take stuck on gum out of your washer. Anyhoo, I am guessing that we could all use a good laundry tip every now and again, so here you go..

Tip #25

Don't let grass stains be a pain.

Remove grass stains the easy way by soaking
the stain in white vinegar for an hour. Then wash and dry as usual. Spotless!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

GREAT tip! My lil' boy is always getting grass stains on his pants..
love this picture... I just uploaded one this morning with shoes and grass in the background! Great minds think alike!