Good News / Bad News

So, I've got good news and I've got bad news...

The good news is that I am going to be taking a break from the working world. I'll be home to aggravate the Rev, clean stuff that isn't really dirty, and re-organize so that he won't know where anything is. And of course, I plan to fit in some gym time, crafting, and cooking in there, as well.

The bad news is that this vacation is really called unemployment. My job is being eliminated due to the loss of a grant that funded a large portion of our afterschool program. Obviously, I don't work because I just love getting up and having somewhere to go each day, but rather because we have become quite fond of things like food, clothing, shelter...oh, and magazines, craft supplies, jewelry...OK, I digress...

I'm looking for a job, sending out resumes and just fretting in general. I have had a few return calls from resumes and applications, but nothing solid yet. I realize that I am not alone in all of this--many are suffering the same fate now--and we'll all get through it...eventually. I know that God's timing is perfect, so I'll wait for the right job to come along, but patience is a virtue in short supply in this gal!

If you are reading and you are a big believer in prayer, as we are, would you specifically pray for the following?:
  • A job with equal or greater salary
  • Health benefits--minister's are considered self-employed and our church doesn't offer health insurance for the Rev, so I need to be able to cover us both.
  • Something local--the car doesn't do good on long trips and we aren't prepared to move right now.
  • Sanity, peace, patience--you know all of those things that go right out the door when they let you go...
If you prefer to support us in other ways, we'll let you know if times get REAL desperate and you can be prepared to send Ramen Noodles, Beanie Weenies, crackers, and ketchup packets (so that we can make tomato soup, of course!). Hey, there is an idea, maybe I can write a cookbook, "101 things you can make with Ramen Noodles."

Seriously, thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and support during this time. That and God will get us through!


Shannon said...

I'm so sorry! I think it's horrible that grants are being cut for programs such as yours... where will all of those children GO? I will be praying for you! This has got to get better!

iamglamourpuss said...

Wow, that is horrible! I know that Tate's teacher from last year got cut because the county eliminated everyone who had only been there a year. And this was for a school that JUST opened last year! All common sense and reason have been thrown out the window. Everyone is so caught up in the bottom line, they aren't even considering the ramifications of their actions.

Best wishes, I'll be thinking about you!