Favorite Things Swap 2009

So one of the blogs that I follow, according to Kelly.. organized a Favorite Things Swap, in which you send at least 3 of your favorite things to a partner and they reciprocate.

I sent my partner, Brandy this package of goodies which contained some cute note cards, Christmas ornaments in a Christmas gift bag, some bath stuff, Phase 10 cards, Sugar Free Cherry Limeade mix, Creme Savers, a photo album, bracelet, Ice Cubes gum, and a Target gift card.

And she sent me this package of cool stuff including some coupons, Christmas stickers, a star hook, a Twilight bookmark, Welcome Family & Friends sign, almonds in this cute little jar, note cards, a crocheted dish rag, cool Ikea tins, and some Big Rock candy from Big Rock Candy Mountain, which is located in her hometown. My 2 favorite items were these super cute recipe cards that you can download and print online and vanilla powder, which you can use just like vanilla extract.

I love getting to know people through onlione swaps and really love getting packages in the mail!

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