With My Own 2 Hands...

I had the chance to take a Basket Making Class a couple weeks ago. There were several styles available, but I chose to make a picnic style basket. I have been needing something that could tote 2 or 3 covered dishes for a while. It took about 6 hours total to make from start to finish and I can promise you that I will never again balk at the prices craftsmen charge for their baskets--this is hard work!

I still need to get a piece of light plywood to fit in the bottom for extra support, but I am fairly happy with how my first attempt at this craft turned out.

From this:

To this!

A special thanks to the VERY patient teachers of the class!

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Mandi said...

WHAT!@#$? That is incredible! Why don't you live closer? I would LOVE to know how to make baskets. It really does look great!