Tipsy Tuesday (#18)

Here is a little known fact--mosquitoes love us girls with some meat on our bones. It's true, if I just step outside, mosquitoes swarm and commence to feasting. This can make outdoor summer cookouts a bit tricky, since I always forget to take any type of anti-itch stuff with me and almost never remember to apply bug spray before going out.

Tip #18

Stick it to those itchy bites with a common cookout item.

To ease the itch of a mosquito bite, grab a slice of onion and press onto the area for 5 minutes. The allicin in an onion acts as an all-purpose antibiotic that keeps bites from getting infected and calms inflamed skin.

Note to single folks: Do this ONLY if there are no good looking, unattached members of the opposite sex at said cookout--you won't get much notice if you smell like a big old onion pile!

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Mandi said...

That alone is the reason I need to stay on WW. Mosquitoes eat.me.alive. I am constantly looking for a cure. I'll try this! Lon hates onions, so he's not gonna like it too much, but he'll live.