Another First

Living in a small, more rural area has been full of firsts for us.

Let's see, I saw my first real live skunk here, learned that people actually race lawnmowers (and people actually go watch!), entered and won ribbons at the county fair, learned that you'uns is a word, and discovered the miracle cure of Snake Oil (seriously, if you get a cold, you have to come and get some of this stuff).

This past wee
k, we experienced another first. The Rev got to perform his first creek baptism! That was the wish of a young man in our church who had accepted Christ on Easter Sunday. So the Rev went out ahead of time and researched a good place that would be deep enough and where hopefully, the current, which is up due to the recent flooding in our area, wouldn't sweep them away. After regular worship Service on Sunday everybody carpooled down to the spot, gathered on the creek bank, sang a hymn and commenced to dunking! It really was a neat experience and certainly a first that we will always remember--the Rev even more so since he said the water was freezing!

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