Tipsy Tuesday (#6)

Before I got married, I could count the number of Seinfeld episodes that I had watched on one hand. Now, I can pretty much quote them all..the Rev loves him some Seinfeld! So, today's tip comes as a tribute to George Costanza and his "Costanza Wallet."

You see, there was this episode where George carries around a wallet that is so jam-packed, it starts to give him back problems.

Tip #6

Spring clean your wallet!

Since spring brings on the itch for a fresh start, why not take 5 minutes to streamline this everyday essential? Clean out scraps of paper, business cards (put them in your Rolodex or address book), receipts (file them as they come in so that you will be prepared come tax time), and credit cards that you rarely use (leave them at home). Being able to find everything easily will save you time and stress at the checkout line.

This also seems like a good time to remind my Mom that stores do not give out awards for exact change--put it in a piggy bank!

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