Happy Birthday, my dear FIL!

Well, the Rev's Dad is having a birthday today, and I have to say he is my favorite FIL (father-in-law)!

Seriously, he is a pretty good fellow--good, no GREAT golfer (he even has his own group of golfing buddies--the OFF group--that stands for Old Farts Fellowship--seriously, I can't make this stuff up!), always good for an email joke, takes our annual jokes about the Charlie Brown Christmas trees that he picks out, always takes me to Pleasant Pizza--for the best meatball sub in the world--when I visit, and of course, I love that he has never sold any of my Christmas gifts on eBay (inside joke, folks!).

Of course, I haven't known FIL as long as some others, but I know his son pretty well, and he did a pretty good job with him, so he's more than OK in my book.

Enjoy your day, FIL! We love you!

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