Tipsy Tuesday (#1)

Now, before you all get the gossip train started and go telling everybody that the Rev's wife is dipping into the moonshine that is famous in our county and blogging about it, let me explain.

If you polled most people right about now and asked them if they have more time or more money, you'd probably get a 50-50 split. So in an effort to help us all out, I've decided to share either a time or money saving tip with you here each Tuesday.

Tip #1

Never lose another button (this is particularly useful to those of us who don't sew!)

Dab clear nail polish on each button of a new garment, front and back. This seals the threads, making pop-offs a thing of the past!

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Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know that i found your blog through infarrantly creative (i'm making sugar scrub for chrismtas gifts and decided to see what your recipe looks like compared to mine :p) and i love your tipsy tuesday series... I would've never thought about your creative ideas for contact lens cases. :) keep up the good work