Tipsy Tuesday (#374)

So, we have entered the season in life where Elise has her own extracurricular activities - currently clogging and basketball. So, what do you do while you wait the hour it takes to wait on her to finish? Not really enough time to go home, but too much time to waste.

Tip #374

I love this list from Suburban Simplicity of ways to kill time while you are waiting. Here are a few of the 50 that she suggests:

1.   Take your computer – work
2.   Read a good book
3.   Skim through a magazine
4.   Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea
5.   Clean out your email or texts
6.   Paint or file nails
7.   Meditate 
8.   Clean the car
9.   Chat with a friend
10. Order dinner for the family
11. Plan your week
12. Do some sitting exercises (your bottom will thank you)
13. Make appointments
14. Do online banking
15. Brainstorm blog posts 
16. Set your DVR
17. Donate to your favorite cause
18. Read The Skimm
19. Check traffic

20. Write thank you notes

Be sure to head over to her blog and read the rest!
What do you do while you are waiting?

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Loris Glassworks said...

I've been doing a lot of waiting lately at various doctor's offices. I read and I write in my journal/planner...notes to myself, ideas for blog posts, things I need to remember, shopping lists, etc... Thanks for the list of other things to do.
Lori in Blue Ridge, GA