Tipsy Tuesday (#372)

I love the variety of apples available in the fall. Honeycrisp are probably my favorite to eat.

Tip #372

But I am never quite sure what other varieties might be good and for what purpose. This chart from Or So She Says... is a great guide to getting your apple pick right!

My favorite way to eat apples is with a little peanut butter. Elise loves to help me make Chocolate Chip Hummus (recipe soon) to eat hers with. What is your favorite way to enjoy an apple?


Mrs. Match said...

Great tips! I love how versatile apples are. My favorite way to eat apples is dipped in caramel (guilty pleasure).

Jill said...

I wish I could eat raw apple... I used to love apples, but as an adult, I have developed Oral Allergy Syndrome, and it is one of the foods that causes me to have a reaction. Thankfully I can eat them cooked, so apple pie is a-okay! ;)