Tipsy Tuesday (#371)

A few months back, we ditched our satellite, and started a run with Netflix and Amazon Prime for our entertainment needs. Not gonna lie, I miss some of the things that we could watch on TV before, but binge watching full seasons of shows with no commercials is pretty awesome.

Tip #371

The Rev stalks a Facebook group that is full of Netflix users who have recommendations of what to watch next. And I am loving this list that I found (y'all know I am all about a checklist!) over at The Greenbacks Gal full of suggestions in all kinds of different categories.

I love having others do the research for me and save me from bad TV!

Do you binge on Netflix? What is your favorite show? Let's all pause here and let me have a moment to deal with the lack of Tim Riggins in my life since we wrapped up Friday Night Lights...

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Jill said...

Since getting Netflix this spring, I watch so little of regular TV now... just Jimmy Fallon and Big Brother! I'll of course need it for hockey games this winter, but other than that... Netflix is where it's at.
I'm currently into The Office and I love it so so much. It's so stupid and silly but I can't get enough.
I'd have to say my favourite shows that I've binged so far are The Mindy Project and Suits (both still with seasons to come!) Oh, and how could I forget, watching all of Season 1 of Fuller House in one day... lol.
So so many more that I can't wait to watch!!
Ohhhh Friday Night Lights... what an awesome show... I have it on DVD and have watched it several times. Can't go too long without some Coach Taylor in my life. ;)