What's Up This Weekend?

Here's what's up this weekend at our house:
  • Father's Day(s)! Since we are tied up all day Sunday, we are planning to spoil the Rev on Saturday with dinner, then follow up with gifts and cards on Sunday - he loves to stretch a holiday out!
  • Assembling Father's Day goodies for all of the Dads in our church congregation.
  • Sandal shopping - Elise is in desperate need. These are our favorites that we get every year, but her size has been hard to come by thus far this year.
  • Some rest for Elise - she is doing an all day kiddie camp, 3 days a week, and having a blast, but no nap means she is a little grumpy some evenings. I am hoping that she can catch up this weekend because...
  • Vacation Bible School starts on Sunday and that means that we will be at church until at least 8:30 every night through Wednesday. Exhausting!
  • Countdown! Only 2 weeks of work left before I break for the month of July. Can't wait!
  • And of course, it is not a weekend without the usual house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and meal prep.
What are your plans this weekend?

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Jill said...

Sounds like a busy but fun weekend! Our Sunday School picnic is this Sunday, which I'm excited about. Our congregation gathers for an outdoor service at one of the parishioners' homes and then it is followed by the picnic and pool party in their pool area. A nice distraction on Father's Day for me, since I miss Dad especially this weekend. Yes, even though he hated any kind of celebration. ;) haha! Enjoy your weekend!!