Under The Big Top

In an effort to give Elise experiences rather than things, we opted not to do little Valentine's gifts this year and instead take her to the circus for the 1st time. The Rev has fond memories of his Dad taking him and buying him outrageously expensive toys and cotton candy and wanted to get to share that memory with Elise. We kept it a total surprise and didn't tell her what we were doing until we arrived at the circus.

She had a blast! The animals were definitely her favorite part. And Daddy and I had a pretty good time, too---even if she didn't get the cheaply made light up toy that the Rev was hoping for and instead opted for a stuffed Elephant with a blue cape. And even if she opted for the $15 shaved ice instead of the $12 cotton candy that Daddy had memories of!

Now, let's not talk about the car breaking down on the way home and leaving us in a ditch...in the snow...for 3 hours...definitely a memory filled Valentine's Day that we won't forget!

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