Tipsy Tuesday (#346)

So, Elise was surprisingly easy to potty train and she totally has it down pat...except for one thing...she uses entirely too much paper for her teeny tiny butt.

Tip #346

Teach your kids this trick to save on toilet paper.

The Virtuous Wife says "I'm sure I'm not the only one who has struggled with my child over how much toilet paper they should take when they use the potty. Sometimes I go in there and my 3 year old will have a toilet FULL of paper...most of the roll gone in one sitting. =/ That's when we created this sign. "You shall not PASS!" It gives her a visual limit of paper she's allowed to use. She unrolls the paper until it reaches the sign and that's how much she takes."


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Jill said...

I giggled when I read this. My mom is always giving me crap about using too much toilet paper. (how she can tell, I do not know, but she seems to be convinced of this matter) I'm willing to bet she would say that I need one of these markers on the wall myself - yes, me. Her 32 year old. BAH! ;)