What's Up This Weekend?

Here's what's up this weekend at our house:
  • The Rev and I are taking Ballroom dance lessons this month as a part of the Rev's sermon emphasis to our church on dating your spouse. 2nd lesson tonight - it is actually quite fun!.
  • And church activity for Elise tomorrow night means 2 date nights this weekend!
  • Long weekend!
  • Elise has been missing the decorations since Christmas was packed away so we are going to work on making and adding some winter decorations around the house.
  • And she and I are going to do some Mommy & Me cooking, too! She loves to be in the kitchen and I found a few recipes that she can do most of the work for. I think that she will love it.
  • Plans for Elise's big girl room are in full swing in my head. I'll share that with you soon.
  • And maybe this will be the weekend that I finally get through all of the Hallmark Christmas movies that I still have left on DVR. Valentine movies will be coming soon!
What are your plans this weekend?

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