Back At It...

Two weeks of days with Elise, travel, Christmas and New Year's excitement, more food than anyone should consume, Netflix binge watching (have you seen Making a Murderer? Thoughts? We finished that and have moved on to Parenthood) and staying up till all hours...came to a halt on Tuesday when break was over and it was time to get back at it. I figure it will take us through the middle of next week to really feel like we are back in our regularly scheduled groove.

Christmas stuff is all put away, we are back to our healthy eating and workout goals (as well as weekly weigh ins!), and I feel a January purge-all-the-things and end-all-the-clutter binge coming on! I don't really set resolutions, since I fail miserably at them, but some home organization is definitely in order.

What is on your New Year To Do list?


Jill said...

Welcome back! Yeah, the post-holiday funk is trying to get the best of me, but I'm doing my damndest not to let it in!! The workouts are back on track, the healthy eating will re-commence next week... let's do this, 2016!! ;)

Emmy said...

LOVE Parenthood, enjoy! We binge watched it on Netflix. My kids have been back to school this entire week and I just now feel like I am getting back on track.