Sweet Potato Casserole: The Best One

If you were fortunate enough to know my MeeMaw, you know that she had a love for all things sweet. This Sweet Potato Casserole, which she made for every Thanksgiving and every Christmas, is my absolute favorite for the holidays. It is my not-a-holiday-without-it recipe. You will eat it and not be quite sure if it is a side dish or a dessert, and after about 3 bites, you will just give up trying to figure it out and EAT it! My guess is that she loved it so much because it was really a vegetable disguised as a dessert!

A funny story: One of the last Thanksgivings that she was with us, she asked me to make it and bring to our dinner. She handed me a recipe card, I took it and followed it exactly. I remember when I was making it that something seemed odd - the recipe called for crushed cereal in the topping and I didn't remember ever noticing that when I ate it. It looked right, so I took it on over to dinner and mentioned that the cereal confused me. That was when we realized that she gave me the wrong recipe card, she had saved the recipe for the "best one" in a different part of her crammed full recipe box and overlooked it!

I'm excited to get to make it for our family meal tomorrow, it won't be as good as hers, because she added a special kind of love. If you try it, let me know what you think!

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Jill said...

Sweet potato casserole has always kind of baffled me... I think it's more of an American thing, because we never had it. Then I was at Christmas dinner at my aunt's a few years ago, and a relative from her husband's side of the family brought sweet potato casserole. It had little marshmallows on top, and was so sickly sweet that I couldn't figure out why we were having it with dinner instead of for dessert, and hardly anybody touched it... But since then, I have grown to love the sweet potato, so maybe my opinion of it would have changed. ;) My mom says she thinks it would take the place of our turnip sidedish that she usually makes. If I ever DO decide to make it, I would definitely try your recipe first, so I'm going to pin it! Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours :)