I'm feeling whiny today...you've been warned. Here is what I feel like whining about:
  • I have no in-between season clothes...I have summer and winter, but no cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon clothes.
  • Our nutritionist/trainer wants us to go caveman and eat meat and plants (Paleo), no sugar, even natural sugars...and I just bought grapes at the store...
  • I need more hours in a day...and less to do in them!
  • I didn't get my steps in yesterday due to some car repairs that required the Rev and I to car share.
  • The planner that I want is out of stock online and apparently is considered a seasonal item...what happens to people who can't get a planner within the 1st month of the school year?
  • I'm hungry...and I want a Diet Pepsi...

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