HIIT By A Bus...

The Rev and I are taking a new HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class 3x a week at the Y and I have determined that it is called HIIT because it leaves you feeling like you have been hit by a bus! Wall sits, burpees, and planks are a painful combo!

Weight Lost: Total: 40lbs.

Inches Lost: Still losing inches and fighting to keep my pants up!

Exercise: The HIIT Class and walking 45 minutes a day. I need to get back in the swing and do some 21 Day Fix workouts on non-HIIT days.

Food: I am finally using the container system that came with 21 Day Fix and have really gotten the hang of it. I have definitely seen more results since I started eating the portions from each category recommended. I'd say my eating is about 85% clean (eating minimally processed or refined foods). I almost look forward to pineapple with lunch as much as I used to a piece of chocolate!

Water: Drinking just under a gallon a day!

I like to set small goals and work towards them. My next goal is another 10lbs. before Elise's birthday, one month from now.


Kayla said...

I want to try the 21 day fix but cant quite convince my husband that I should spend 160 on the kit. In your opinion is it worth it?

Jill said...

Congrats on joining the HIIT classes! I did HIIT in the TurboFire program and yeah, it's tough, but it brings pretty awesome results! So proud of you for continuing on and moving to the next goal :) I never did end up using my 21 Day Fix containers... I've gotta get them out and make use of them!!