Listening...to nothing...the 2nd Monday of the school year is eerily silent.

Eating...grapes and a protein shake.

Drinking...water....lots and lots of water...


Wearing...khaki skirt, orange sweater, brown and orange animal print scarf and brown flip flops...feeling fall colors but trying to hang on to the flops as long as I can.

Feeling...so tired...but relieved that the headache that sidelined me yesterday seems to be gone today (knock on something wood for me, would you?).

Needing...to start putting all of the plans for Elise's birthday party into action. Only 6 weeks away! This little girl has been asking for months, ever since my birthday in May, when it would be time for her "punkin" party.

Wanting...the long weekend to hurry up and get here and then slow down and stay!

Thinking...that I am glad the system outage on Friday forced me to get through all of my annual HR training videos and quizzes...that would be a real Monday downer!

Enjoying...Elise practicing her "Go Gamecocks!" cheer for the start of college football on Thursday PM!

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