A Little Detour

So, it turns out that vacation calories actually do count, who knew? I didn't go crazy but I did do enough indulging to gain 3lbs., so my total lost is now sitting at 32lbs. I'm back on track this week and hoping that hard work will continue to pay off and that the scale won't be moving up again any time soon. This is one of my hardest months at work with lunch meetings/potlucks and tons of stress, which tempts me to overeat, so I'm putting blinders on and going to stay the course.

I'm also looking to add iron rich foods (my iron is way low resulting in anemia) and increase my good cholesterol since recent blood work shows that it needs to come up about 20 points. And the Rev and I have decided to try the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving even if we just "wog" (walk/jog), so he's about to start trying to whip me into shape for that.

This week back at the gym has been brutal and feels like starting at square one after the week off, just proof that you really have to change your lifestyle and make working out and eating right a constant. You all know that I love a To Do list and getting things checked off, so I'm going to add working out to my daily calendar/To Do and hold myself to it. Wish me luck!

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Jill said...

Tell me 'bout it, sister. If you only gained 3 lbs, you're doing well! I have not been so successful lately, and my week off really did a number on me. I work out 6 days a week, and still battle the bulge, all because of poor eating choices. It really does have to be a constant. I'm determined to get myself back on track...