21 Day Fix: Round 4 Done!

This past Monday, I finished my fourth round of 21 Day Fix and I thought that I would give you a little update on my progress.

Weight Lost: This round: 7lbs. Total: 22lbs.

Inches Lost: I still need to take some measurements, but my pants fit differently for sure and I had to go down 2 sizes in panties (was that too much information?).

Exercise: Still doing my DVD's 5 days out of 7, taking BodyPump when I can and walking for 45 minutes to an hour each morning before work. My blisters have blisters, but I'm going to keep on!

Food: I am still tracking calories (1,380 per day) using My Fitness Pal and trying not to let all of these summer get-togethers and special occasions trip me up.

Water: Drinking just over a gallon a day!

On to Round 5!


Sarah Shumate said...

That is some serious progress! Congrats! I bet your skin is looking great from all that water, too! :)

Mike Stamper said...

I'm so proud of you and your commitment! You look great!! Thanks for encouraging me!