21 Day Fix: Round 1 Done!

On Monday, I finished my first round of 21 Day Fix and I thought that I would give you a little update on my progress.

Weight Lost: 8lbs.

Inches Lost: It's a long story, but the Rev and I apparently stink at body measurements since my numbers were up from when we measured at the beginning of the round. I'll get corrected measurements and update inches lost at the end of Round 2.

Exercise: I exercised every day of the round, minus a few that we were out of town for Spring Break. I really like the format of the DVD's, 60 seconds of exercise, 15 second break for 30 minutes. I was using a resistance band that I had, but the Rev bought me weights for Round 2, so I'm excited to push myself a little harder. I'm also going to add some walking into this next round as well.

Food: I didn't use the containers in this round, I find them a little intimidating to be honest, but I have been tracking calories (1,500 per day) using My Fitness Pal. I'm learning all that I can about clean eating and planning to incorporate a little at a time this round, using the containers. I have been using Shakeology as my breakfast choice and I really like it.

Water: I'm up to 4 water bottles (12 - 8oz servings) a day!

On to Round 2!


Sarah Shumate said...

Woohoo!! 8 pounds - way to go! It stinks that your measurements were off, but at least you're still able to see progress with the weight loss!

Jill said...

I am so happy to read this post!! I've been loving the 21 Day Fix workouts as well. I have yet to tackle the containers myself, although I'm planning to start using them next week, as I just can't seem to get myself back on track with clean eating and portion control. I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying Shakeology! I'm always hesitant to recommend it because I have friends who tried it and hated it (and let's face it, it's kind of an expensive "experiment" to try if you're gonna take one sip and never use it again), but it's been a staple in my diet for over 2 years now and I am a fan!! Hope you have continued success in Round 2 :)