From Yellow To Orange To Butterflies

If you do not know, let me be the first to tell you...2 years old are opinionated. They will tell you exactly what they do and do not want to wear. You can make Elise's day by giving her something with pockets and send her into orbit by picking the wrong pair of fuzzy socks.

Daddy thought it might be nice for her to have a yellow Easter dress since she doesn't wear that color often. I wasn't 100% sold (I was worried that it would wash her out since she is pale like her Mama and has light hair) but I found a beautiful yellow and turquoise fabric and started planning her dress.

Then she informed me that she wanted an orange dress..and  she reminded me every day that she wanted an orange Easter dress...all I could see was pumpkins and Tennessee Volunteers, it was awful, but she would not be swayed. So search #2 for fabric was on and I finally settled on a fabric that had a nice amount of orange in it but plenty of pink and aqua to satisfy me as well. I showed it to her...her response, "Where are the butterflies?" My response? "YOU ARE KILLING ME, SMALLS!"

We took deep breaths, I let her go to the computer with me and my 2 year old picked out her butterfly fabric...pics of her dress to come.

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Jill said...

LOL "You are killing me, Smalls!" LOVE IT!!!

2 year olds are very high on fashion these days it seems. My delightful little almost 3-year-old niece came to a shower for a cousin of ours last Sunday, and on her way there, she told her daddy that everyone was going to love her dress and her tights and her socks and her shoes and her hair and her beautiful coat. These girls have got style! I love Elise's choice in fabric. ;)