Valentine, I'm Stuck On You

Elise loves stickers and M&M's, so we put together these little treats for her preschool and church friends for Valentine's Day.

I used cellophane bags from the candy making aisle and PicMonkey to make the bag toppers. Then we just picked some fun stickers from the party and stationary section at WalMart - you can get little booklets with several pages in them for only 97 cents.  We chose some Mickey Mouse, Sofia the First (for the girls), Cars (for the boys), Bubble Guppies, and some Valentine hearts. Each completed Valentine was just under 50 cents, so the price was right, too!

I love doing these crafty things for her friends and can't wait until she can be a bit more involved, though she does enjoy picking stickers and the actual giving. I saw so many kids on friends' Facebook and Instagram feeds making card boxes and I can't wait for that! Did you ever make those in school and set them on your desk for people to put Valentine cards in?


Sarah Shumate said...

Awww I miss this age! We stopped doing treat bags and crafts for holidays when we moved to London. I don't think it was the move to London that stopped it so much as the move to middle school. :( They just don't get into this stuff once they're "grown".

Connie W said...

Super cute!