Listening...to chatter.


Drinking...Diet Cherry Pepsi.


Wearing...khakis, orange sweater, and brown flats.

Feeling...tired...why must the first week back after a break be so draining?

Needing...to pull the trigger on several online shopping carts today and get some presents ordered. The dang prices in my cart keep changing!

Wanting...to get a new dining table...we've agreed on it, now just need to find time in our schedule to make it happen. Living in a small town means a long drive anywhere to make a purchase...

Thinking...that I need to order Christmas cards. Anybody else dread that task?

Enjoying...the fully decorated Christmas tree! I just have a few other decorations to set out and I will be finished!


KatiePerk said...

Way to go on the decorating. I still have a lot of shopping to finish, despite my good intentions.

Sarah Shumate said...

Every year I tell myself I'll get better about completing Christmas tasks like shopping, cards, and decorating earlier...and then I fail. I think I should just accept my fate that I'll always be that person rushing around in December to get everything done plus enjoy the season. :)