Where I've Been...

So, this little blog of mine has been neglected, but I had good reason.

I had surgery to remove the tumor on my sinuses on October 23rd. We had been cautioned that a CSF (Cerebrospinal fluid) leak was a strong possibility because of the location of the tumor, so my Dr. was pleasantly surprised when there was none.....until I had the most excruciating headache 4 days later and a small trickle of fluid from my nose. The next day's follow-up visit (where they vacuumed packing out of my nose  - I do not recommend having that done!) turned into scheduling surgery for the next day, just 1 week removed from the first surgery, to insert a lumbar drain and repair the leak.

They were unable to get the lumbar drain in place, which would have allowed them to inject a dye that would have pinpointed the leak, so they patched as best as they could and a 2nd surgery and 1 night in the hospital later, they sent me home. I think that I was there a total of 4 hours when fluid started pouring out of my nose. We scrambled to get someone to take care of Elise and make sure that she still got to go trick or treating, packed a bag, and headed back to the hospital.
So I spent Halloween evening having an X-ray guided lumbar drain inserted. I remained in the hospital for the next 6 days, where every hour on the hour they would drain 10cc of spinal fluid in an effort to help the leak repair itself. They eventually injected dye through the drain to see if anything would leak out, turned off the drain, and after a week that included 4 IV's (they kept blowing!) and a million cherry ices, pronounced me fit to go home.
That was 2 weeks ago today. The first week home was rough with some wicked headaches, the worst of my life. I'm still healing and won't go for an official follow-up visit until next week, but each day the headaches are less, so I think full recovery is on the horizon.
It has been a rollercoaster, but we absolutely love my Dr., who has gone above and beyond for us. And we have been so blessed with friends and family who stepped in and made sure that Elise was cared for and that life was as normal as possible for her. The Rev might have a career in nursing and was a great caregiver through the whole ordeal. Slowly but surely, things are getting back to normal.
I'm happy to be on the mend and back to blogging! I've missed you!


KatiePerk said...

Sweet friend! I am so sorry but glad you are on the mend. That sounds so scary!!

Jill said...

Wow - I had a feeling your absence had to do with health issues, but talk about scary! So glad your feeling a bit better each day. Hopefully you'll be feeling 100% soon! Big hugs, friend!

Ann Wolfe said...

Scary stuff! Hope you are feeling better soon! Healing prayers to you from me!

Sarah Shumate said...

I'm so sorry, Stacie! That is really scary stuff. I hope you're on the mend now. So was the initial surgery successful? Do you still smell smoke?