Elise's Minnie Mouse Party

Elise is all about Minnie Mouse, so that was the theme for her 2nd birthday party. I made a huge Minnie Mouse out of plumbing insulation, made fringed streamers, and a Minnie inspired set of letters proclaiming that Elise was TWO! I added Oreo ears and Starburst bows to the amazing cupcakes that our friend made and cute labels to bubbles and cups of cotton candy as favors. All of our food was inspired by Minnie and her Clubhouse friends, too.

It was a chilly day and had rained most of the morning, so a last minute table full of Play Doh and art supplies was a necessary save since the playground at the picnic shelter where her party was held was too wet to play. Everybody braved the chill and celebrated our precious little girl It was a good day!


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Jill said...

What a cute way to celebrate Elise turning 2! Love your crafty Minnie Mouse ideas. Glad to hear the party went well, despite the rainy, cool day. And I know I'm not supposed to say this, but seriously... TWO?! ALREADY?!