DCB Recipe #44: Teriyaki Turkey Lettuce Wraps

We are working on getting healthy and limiting carb intake, so lettuce wraps are a perfect fit for us. We used ground turkey since it is less expensive than beef and better for you, but you could also easily substitute chicken breast (just adjust your cooking time to ensure that is cooked through). I think that next time I will add some water chestnuts, shredded carrots, and broccoli. You could also add some crushed red pepper to spice it up. Very quick and super yummy!
Teriyaki Turkey Lettuce Wraps
1lb. ground turkey
1 small can crushed pineapple
1/2 cup teriyaki sauce
Place turkey in DCB, cover, and microwave 5 minutes. Crumble.
Add pineapple, sauce, and any other cooked veggies that you want to add, and stir.
Microwave, covered, 2 minutes or until warmed through.
Serve with lettuce cups.

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