Tipsy Tuesday (#282)

Getting ready for a trip to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend!

Tip #282

LifeHacker shares some great tips for picking and preserving your pumpkin.

For instance, "If possible, get pumpkins locally. Picking from the local pumpkin patch is ideal. The pumpkin grew right across town from you, it hasn't been transported or banged around in a semi-truck, and you carry it right home from the field. Barring that, local produce stands will have pumpkins grown at those farms but transported on your behalf."

So, are you a painter, carver, or a leave it like it is pumpkin person?

P.S. Look how little E was last year!

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Jill said...

We're fortunate around here to have many local farmers (and regular ol' gardeners!) who grow pumpkins, so I always get a local one :) My sister & her fam planted their own for the first time this year, and I know they're super thrilled with how well they did. Maybe I'll get one of them this year, if I'm lucky! ;)

I'm a carver!!!