Tipsy Tuesday (#270)

Are your kids already bored with summer?

Tip #270

From Dave Ramsey, "Why travel 1,000 miles away for fun and relaxation when there's stuff to do right around the corner? Be proactive about finding free activities around your town."

"Not all of them will be highly publicized, but with a little investigation, you could find the hidden gem that could be the highlight of your summer. A town nearby possibly has free outdoor movie nights, museum days, greenways, libraries, festivals and so much more. Invite the neighbors or your group of friends along as well." Other great summer money saving tips from Dave Ramsey here.


Jill said...

Oh, how can kids be bored with summer?! But I know it happens... I can just hear my niece and nephew today, they are staying with my mom and it's raining. I can guarantee they're lamenting "it's boooooring!"

Connie W said...

I have found so many things to do that we can't possibly do them all.

Happy Summer!