Mommy Advice: Binkies & Butts

So, from time to time I like to open up the floor to all of you Moms with experience and solicit your advice on Mommy issues. Today's topics....binkies - how to get rid of them and butts - how to get them on the toilet.

Up until about 2 months ago, Elise could take or leave her binkie. We started trying to break her, letting her have it only at nap and at night and she was doing great...then she got sick. And all of a sudden she started calling for her "bebe" and wants it all of the time. Our goal is to have it gone by the time that she turns 2 (5 months away), but I'm thinking we might need to speed that up before she gets further attached. So, what has worked for you? How have you phased out the pacifier?

And now we tackle the topic of potty training. Each week, I receive an email about development for children who are Elise's age, and for the past 2 months, every email has included talk about potty training. I'm thinking about trying in July, since I have that month away from work and could devote extra energy to it. Anybody have any tried and true methods?....And I'm not talking about giving her Big Gulps and letting her run around naked either, that method is a little scary. Anybody try potty training before age 2? Should I just wait until she is older? I've known kids to train as young as 15 months and as old as 4, what has your experience been? Please chime in here, I need your help!


Jill said...

Well... as you well know, I have no children, hence no advice... I sucked my thumb til I was 7 (when my mom got the dentist to threaten me that he was going to pull all my teeth if I didn't stop)... so hopefully the binkie weening goes better for you. ;)

Sarah Shumate said...

Oh, potty training, I remember it well. And not in a good way. That factor played a big part in our decision to not have any more children.

I started sometime while Lexie was 2. She picked up daytime potty training within a week. It was the night-time accidents that were the death of me. It took her about a year to get that one down. She's a heavy sleeper, unfortunately.

What I found worked best with daytime training was to make a chart with 20-30 boxes on it. Every time she did her business in the potty, she put a sticker in a box. When the sheet was full, we'd take her to the $ store and let her pick something out. She LOVED that. Too bad we never found a way to make that system work at night. ;)