What To Make With Vintage Aprons?

My Mom is in the process of cleaning out the remaining items in my MeeMaw's house, since it has sold. I was helping her and came across all of these aprons that belonged to MeeMaw. Mom was just going to put them up and save them because she didn't want to just throw them away. I asked if I could have them and make use of the fabric since it was too pretty to just hide away. I already have an art piece in mind for one and I'm working on some summer dresses and clothing for Elise that will use up most of the rest. Do you ever come across any old fabric and what do you do with it?


Jill said...

After my grandmother passed away, my mom and her siblings found quilts, fabric, yarn, etc in abundance, tucked away in closets and trunks all over the house. My mom has been "using up" Grandma's yarn in various ways ever since, and both she and my sister-in-law have found ways to use the fabric. One of Mom's projects was to make a quilt for our minister when she became ordained, as a gift from our congregation - many of the ladies worked on it and put stitches in it for her. I think Grandma would have been pleased to see what has been done with the things she left behind! The aprons are gorgeous, I'm sure whatever you do with them will become a treasure.

KatiePerk said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do. I always thought a pillow would be sweet.

Emmy said...

Oh excited to see what you do with it and it will be so nice to have that memory with it. I am not much of a sewer, so don't do much with fabric