Tipsy Tuesday (#250)

Just in case there is a repeat of Atlanta...

Tip #250

Be prepared for an emergency with a well stocked car.

This article from Babble offers a great list of resources, like flashlights, tools, first aid essentials, and a blanket (none of which I have in my car, yikes!) that could help in a cold weather emergency.

Are you more prepared than me?


Jill said...

I have 'em all. Including TWO sets of warm mitts, toques, and socks in my trunk. Just in case I end up in the ditch with someone else in the car who isn't as prepared as me. Ah, Canadian winters. They have such charm. ;)

Emmy said...

Yes, I really need to get my car better prepared, I don't think I will get caught in snow, but could in an earthquake or something. We do have some water and TP but that is about it.