Is There Anything That Does Not Have An App Anymore?

I was reading an article yesterday that was touting the Girl Scout Cookie Finder, an app that will let you plug in your zip code and find a Thin Mint fix in your area. Whatever happened to the good old days when you just had to stalk the girls through the grocery store parking lot?

Among other crazy apps that I found?

Brush DJ is an app that will play 2 minutes of music that you have downloaded on your phone so that your kids get in all of their cavity proofing time.

Or what about Toilet Paper Pull, you know in case you want to make a game of seeing how fast you can pull all of the paper off of the roll without wasting actual paper?

And my favorite? RunPee lets you plug in the title of your movie theater feature and gives you the best time to sneak out and take care of business, avoiding any climactic scenes pivotal to the movie.

If I could make my own app, I think I would create something that would identify the locations of clean public restrooms, so that I would know where to stop on a road trip. What app would make your life easier?


Jill said...

That RunPee one is right up my alley! I always have to go at least once during a movie, and usually I'm pretty good at picking the "right" time to go, but my last trip to the movies, I picked the WORST time to go! I came back in hearing one of the characters trying to decide if he should "go to the funeral or not" - I scampered back to my seat and asked my friend, "Who died, who died?!?!" LOL

Emmy said...

Okay you found some awesome and funny apps. I have played that toilet paper pull one, it is fun the first several times then I think I deleted it.

I will have to get the brush DJ for my kids

Sarah Shumate said...

LOL! That's hilarious - the tp one, I mean!

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I really don't use very many apps. Mostly just instagram and my citymapper app that tells me how to get around London!