Good Enough to Eat

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook (and hey, if you don't, why not? Use the buttons on the right over there and find me!), then you know that I made Elise felt desserts for Valentine's Day. She had soft fruits and veggies from IKEA in her play kitchen, but she needed the good stuff!

I had so much fun sewing these little treats, and I realized that hand sewing is hard (I must get a thimble before I make any more!). I get so tickled when she tries to eat them! Outside of sewing them, I had the most fun deciding how to display them for her. When a search of Etsy scored me this vintage child sized cake plate, very similar to the one that I inherited from my MeeMaw, I knew I had gotten lucky. Love it all!


KatiePerk said...

Too precious. I adore these.

Sarah Shumate said...

They look so real! Before I read the post, I thought you'd baked these! Very cool!