Listening...to kids rushing down the hall to avoid the tardy bell.

Eating...just finished my morning apple, about to eat my mini bagel.

Drinking...Diet Cherry Pepsi - it runs through my veins.


Wearing...black pants, pink sweater, fluffy black scarf, it has been so cold here lately...and no snow, if it is going to be in single digits, I NEED SNOW!

Feeling...a tad overwhelmed, our new data operating system is full of bugs and it is making my job VERY hard.

Needing...a haircut, it has been almost 2 years, anybody have any great mid-length styles that you want to share? I'm thinking of cutting about 6 inches off.

Wanting...to win the lottery, but I'll take some good Valentine's candy if I can't have that...I am flexible like that.

Thinking...that I need to pick up something for my Secret Pal this week - still trying to be a good pal even though the person that has my name has not been a winner thus far.

Enjoying...my sweet little girl, yesterday she threw her trash in the trash can without being asked...a girl after her Mama's heart! We haven't practiced this with her, though I do model this when we make dinner together. Of course, her Daddy was watching it all go down and has pronounced her advanced...he's just a tad bit smitten!


Sarah Shumate said...

And I thought I was bad going 7 months without a haircut! Two years is even worse! :o) I really like the look you have in your sidebar picture. Those side bangs look great on you!

Emmy said...

Hope they can get the computer system worked out. I need a hair cut too, not sure about any style tips.