$2 Winter Wreath

I have been working slowly over the last year to make sure that our side door is just as festive for each season as our front door. I needed a winter wreath that wouldn't break the bank and that didn't require a trip to the craft store (since we don't have one locally...). I made this one for just $2! And if you can tie knots, you can make one, too.

You will need:

•1 wire coat hanger (sorry Mommy Dearest, plastic won't cut it here!)
•Sandwich baggies - the cheapies, not the zipper ones - I used less than 1 box
•Plastic snowflakes or embellishment of your choice
•Fishing line or ribbon

Here is what you do:

•Bend your hanger into a circle shape as best as you can.
•Tie on your baggies, sliding them as close to each other as you can.
•Once your circle is full, scrunch the ends of the bags towards the front of the wreath to help fill it out.
•Add any embellishments that you would like - I used fishing line to tie on dollar tree snowflakes that I had on hand.
•Use the hanger portion to hang on your wreath hanger or hook and you are finished!


Jill said...

Oooh it's so pretty and wintery! I love it! And so easy that maybe I could even do it... lol!!

Emmy said...

No way! Using baggies! Genius!