Tipsy Tuesday (#244)

I love getting mail (not bills, just the fun stuff!), so Christmas card season is a favorite. We are grown and the Rev and I still take turns opening each day because we both love it so much!

Tip #244

I always feel so guilty just discarding the cards at the end of the season, but what to do with them? Reuse and repurpose them, of course!

Simply Frugal has compiled a great list of ways to reuse, so check it out! And my contribution to the list is this, check with local schools and child care centers. Many of them will put the cards to use as story starters. The students can look at the card and write (or tell, if they are younger) a story about what they see. They also have fun images that can be used for all sorts of art projects.

Now, who wants to come and address my cards? Anybody?


Sarah Shumate said...

If it's not a picture Christmas card, I normally turn the cards into gift tags to use for the next holiday season!

Janette @ The Johanson Journey said...

Great link! Thank you for sharing! I have stacks of cards from years past and I started a photo album but then that got too out of hand. I hate throwing away pictures.. those are the best cards...