Elise's 1st Birthday Celebration

I can't believe that it has been 2 months since we celebrated Elise's 1st birthday! I just realized that I never shared any pictures or details with you, so here goes....

You may remember that we had scheduled Elise's party to be in a park that we got word just days before the party was going to be closed due to the government shutdown, panicked does not even begin to cover it! Fortunately at the 11th hour, they were given another week to remain open and we were safe. Family and friends gathered on a warm, sunny day and celebrated with Barbecued chicken, baked beans, slaw, rolls and fruit salad...and of course, cake!

Our party theme was butterflies in colors of hot pink, purple, lime green, and aqua (same colors as her room!). I purchased a party kit from Tania's Design Studio and it made things so easy. Just printed, cut, and assembled invitations, a party banner, high chair bunting, favor tags, and other signs.

I put together a pink snack mix, full of toddler favorites, as favors and decorated clothespins and added pipe cleaner antennae to turn the snack bags into butterflies.

One of my favorites had to be the amazing butterfly cupcake cake that a dear friend made for Elise. It was absolutely stunning!

My next favorite was the chalkboard inspired art that I created as a way to review all of her "firsts."

Of course, my true favorite was seeing her have so much fun and feel the love on her special day!

P.S. Please don't tell the Rev that I am already planning for her 2nd birthday...


Sarah Shumate said...

I was wondering if you were going to share about this! I'm so glad you were able to keep the party in the same venue. I LOVE the butterfly cake! I just might have one of those made for my own birthday. :o)

Jill said...

So glad to hear that you were able to go ahead with the birthday party at the park! I remember telling people about it at the time - "Can you believe this government shutdown in the US means my blog friend's little girl's birthday party is RUINED?!" Such a cute party theme and wonderful memories for your family!!