Tipsy Tuesday (#239)

The leaves here are in peak fall color right now and that makes for one of my favorite photography subjects.

Tip #239

Choose the best time of day to photograph for maximum results.

Photograph around sunrise and sunset for the best light and color. The first and last hours of sun during the day have a brilliant quality to the light that can yield great photos. The golden light at these hours will bring out the reds and golds in your photos. More fall photography tips at Photojojo.


Karrie Shew Combs said...

great picture! beautiful baby girl :)

Janette @ The Johanson Journey said...

Great tip!! We have our family picture this weekend at 8am, I think my photographer would like to do it earlier, but I just CAN'T DO IT! hah
She's such a CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Shumate said...

Look at all those leaves!! When I pass by the giant piles on the sidewalk here, I have to fight the urge to jump in them. I'm sure the city workers appreciate my restraint.