Listening...to Telecast, they are right up there with needtobreathe as my favorite Christian artists.

Eating...just finished my morning apple, about to eat my mini bagel.

Drinking...Diet Pepsi, new bottle shape is weird.


Wearing...jeans and a sweater, it has been so cold here this week, we've skipped fall and are straight into winter.

Feeling...like doing something this weekend besides laundry and cleaning.

Needing...to get some Christmas lists down on paper, too many things in my head, need a plan!!

Wanting...to win the lottery...completing insurance paperwork and student loans coming due will make you wish extra hard.

Thinking...that all of the children's clothing designers who put buttons on winter coats have obviously never tried to dress a squirming kid...can I just find a nice warm coat, with a zipper, that doesn't make my little girl look like a Stay Puff marshmallow?!?!

Enjoying...the fact that it is Friday!


Jill said...

I reallllly need to win that lottery... but I guess I need to buy a ticket first, right?? ;)

Janette @ The Johanson Journey said...

OOOOH! I love it when you do these posts!! So fun!!
I totally need a Christmas plan too. I also need the money to make the plan happen or else I'll be at Walmart in the layaway line! eek!

Sarah Shumate said...

That's funny - I always thought zippers were harder when Lexie was little! She was always catching her shirt in the zipper and then it would break!