How We Could Have Saved Money & My Plan To Get The Rev To Clean His Office...

A day late and a dollar short...that is always me. Of course, we just finished putting the Rev through the completion of his Bachelor's degree and 2 Master's degrees in a 4 year period and now I find out how much money we could have saved by renting his textbooks...I had no idea that such even existed.

CampusBookRentals lets you rent textbooks, for a period of time that you choose, at a fraction of the cost of buying books, I'm talking like a savings of 40-90% off of bookstore prices, with free shipping both ways. And you can highlight in the books just like you would your own (is it wrong that I would totally be hoping a smarty had the book before me and did all of the highlighting for me?). I can't tell you how many books we scoured websites for just trying to find an affordable copy, this would have been awesome.

But, I am still in luck because they have launched a new sister site, RentBack.com, that allows you to rent your books to other students and make money. I know that ya'll hear the wheels turning...and I know that the Rev knows what is about to happen to all of the piles of books that he doesn't need any longer that are cluttering up the office...that's right, I'm about to purge and make some cash! Here is how it works:

If the thought of saving money AND earning money doesn't bring a smile to your face, maybe this will...a portion of every textbook rental fee goes to Operation Smile, an international charity that provides life-changing cleft surgeries to those who can't afford it, bringing smiles to millions.

So, let's review, rent textbooks you need and save money...rent your textbooks when you are finished with them and make money...and make others smile!

**This post has been sponsored by CampusBookRentals.com**


Jill said...

Oh Lord... when I was in college, I bought my textbooks new. They cost a small fortune. My mom was always bugging me to try and find them second-hand, but I never did. And then when I was done with them, she BEGGED me to try and sell them to others, but I have shelves of old texts and literature anthologies and art books. I just couldn't give 'em up. Soooo silly, I know!!!

becca said...

man things have change from when i was in college

Connie Weiss said...

What a great idea!