End of School Year Gift

Ooopsies, time got away from me and I needed a quick end of year gift for my office helpers! What kid wouldn't love a huge lollipop with a few reminders of what summer is all about? I found the lollipops at Walgreens and the printable here.


Connie Weiss said...

I did an end of school gift for my son's classmates last year but I'm not sure I'm doing one this year because between the two kids, I've got 40 friends to make for!

I love those big suckers! What a great idea.

Janette Johanson said...

You are so thoughtful with your coworkers! I think its super sweet of you-- high five!

Sarah Shumate said...

They're so bright and cheerful - perfect for summer! That was really thoughtful of you to get them something! Enjoy your summer break!!!