Elise - 6 Months

Dear Elise,

Happy half birthday! Here is what you are up to these days:
•You weighed 12lbs. 8oz. and were 24 inches long at your 4 month checkup. No update to this, since you won't have your 6 month checkup for another week or so--the Dr. is on Spring Break! (Your Daddy thinks 15lbs, I say probably closer to 14.)

•You love eating food. So far you have tried butternut squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, bananas, pears, peaches, apples, and plums. I am having a blast making all of your food! Your Daddy has taught you to say "Mmmm" and you say it after each bite, it is too cute!

•You sleep 8 hours or more straight at night, and wake up smiling every morning. You have taken to turning yourself head to toe in the crib quite often. I'm always a little freaked out when I come in to find you with your head at the opposite end of where I laid you!

•You also love to kick in the crib. You will pull your legs almost to your forehead and then kick them down over and over. Sometimes I swear you are going to go through the mattress!

•You wear size 2 diapers.

•You are wearing mostly size 6 months clothing, with a few 3-6 month outfits in there. We are doing a little improvising for the spring weather, since we have winter and summer clothes, but not a lot in between. You went with the bestie and I to a big consignment sale this month and have a beautiful summer dress wardrobe waiting in the wings!

•You went to your first Easter Egg Hunt--tried to eat the egg and got a little miffed that your Daddy would not share his Peeps Kabob!
•You are teething and everything goes into your mouth (see egg photo above as proof!).

•You are very vocal and social and love talking to all of your little friends in the church nursery.

•You roll in both directions, back to tummy and tummy to back now, and will even pull yourself on your belly just a little. A toy just out of reach is a great incentive for you to move, you will stop at nothing until you reach it! You don't roll to your stomach in the crib yet, but I think that is coming soon.

•The warmer weather means time in the sunshine and you love it!
•Everyone always comments on what a happy baby you are!

We are still in awe that God gave us you!

Mommy (and Daddy!)


LeeLu Creations said...

What great pics! I especially love the one with her in the hat trying to eat the egg. :)

Janette Johanson said...

Love the updates about Elise! She's such a sweet baby girl! I'm so glad you got her too! She's a lucky girl to have such a great set of parents! :)

Jill said...

6 months already! Wow!! Elise is such a beautiful baby. And it sounds like Mommy & Daddy are madly in love :)

Karrie Shew said...

wow 6 months already! and she sleeps all night...jealous

Emmy said...

Yea for 6 months!! She really is a beautiful baby.

Seems like one of mine did the bed leg kicking thing, too cute. So nice that she is a good sleeper!

Mrs. Match said...

She is so precious. I love her 6 month outfit! Oh my gosh, she says mmm after each bite? I think you need to post a video. I just want to hug her!