Taking a page out of Katie's book to share what I'm currently doing...

Listening...to silence, I'm the only one up right now.

Eating...vanilla yogurt with strawberries and homemade granola.

Drinking...WalMart brand Cherry Limeade bubbly water - drink of choice lately, trying to cut back on the sodas.

Reading...a recipe to put together for tonight's dinner, weekend travel has me behind on meal planning.

Wearing...Gray slacks and a burgundy sweater.

Feeling...Overwhelmed with all that will await at work after a week on break.

Weather...It has turned cold again, had to put the flip flops back up, only near 60 today.

Needing...Another week off and more hours in a day.

Wanting...Candy...no good candy holidays after Easter until Halloween...too long!

Thinking...That I hope Elise's fever last night (her first) was just due to teething. Poor little thing, I think humans should just be born with all of their teeth, it is too painful to watch her suffer.

Enjoying...The fact that there are only 19 student days left in the school year, granted I still have to work until the end of June, but it gets much more productive when the teachers and kiddos leave for the summer!

What are you doing today?


KatiePerk said...

Teething is the pits. I hope it eases up for her. I am freezing.

Janette Johanson said...

Aw this is a fun post!! Its suppose to be mid 80's today here and then a sharp turn for frigid temps tomorrow! Spring, winter and summer are all very confusing around here. I hope Elise feels better soon. The whole teething thing is a tough one to watch-- but I am sortof dreading when they fall out or need to be pulled-- I think that might put me over the edge! I might copy this from ya. Really cute!

Connie said...

I just went looking for candy...all I have are the smarties that I'm giving out at the PTA meeting.

Oh...I need to count how many days we have left!

Emmy said...

This was fun! Might have to do this this week.

I am so ready for school to be over! A month into break I might be singing a different tune, but for now I am ready!

I have never had that bubbly water- might have to try it, it sounds good

Sarah Shumate said...

What is it that you do at the school that keeps you there after the kids and teachers leave?