What Elise Wore: Baby Dedication

Two weeks ago, we had Elise's Baby Dedication service at church. We believe that each person makes their own decision regarding their personal relationship with Christ, so this service was not about that, since Elise is not yet old enough to understand the importance of or to make that decision. Rather this was a time where we, as parents, in the presence of our families, church family, and the Lord, pledged to raise her in a Christian home and to lead her into that relationship when the time is right for her.

It was a special time for us as our friends and family gathered around to support us. It was made even more special by the fact that the father of a childhood friend, who happens to be our Associational Missionary, was able to conduct the service. This will be our greatest challenge as parents and knowing that we were pledging our best to her and that our families were pledging to help us was a sweet, sweet time.

Here is what she wore to commemorate the special day.
{Sweater Dress, and Matching Shoe Tights: Dylan & Abby (Gifted), Headband: DIY by me}

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Jill said...

Elise looks beautiful as always! Such a sweet outfit for her special day :)

Stacie, I'm not sure if it's just me, but when I go to your blog, there's a weird background thing going on - a photobucket thing that's repeated all over the page... Just thought you might want to check it out! (But like I said, it might just be me! haha!)

KatiePerk said...

Gorgeous!! She is such a pretty little lady.
I also get the strange photobucket peak through but then it goes away.......

Julie Maloney said...

Oh my gosh she couldn't be any cuter. Congrats!

Emmy said...

She is so adorable! And I think every parent should pledge to do their best as parents, might help solve a few problems out there.

becca said...

OMG how cute